Can You Create an Income from Supplements

Today we all face an epidemic that has caused the economy to crumble, leaving us insecure and with tons of questions. Fortunately, we are adaptable and well on our way to adapting to new ways of living. The food industry and medicine suppliers will always be the last to suffer from a collapsed economy in any … Read more



How do you answer the question “What did you have for breakfast today”? It is a question that can have a significant impact on your life. This article will address the importance  of breakfast, show you how the traditional “Coffee Breakfast” with a muffin or rusks is a deadly mistake and give you ideas for … Read more

Best Online Weight Loss Challenges

Weight Loss Challenge Logo

The million-dollar question is how will the best weight loss challenges help you? To answer this question, we need to determine what exactly are the best weight loss challenges. This too can be a very subjective matter as it is determined by your circumstances, your preferences, and your requirements. Weight Loss challenges take on many … Read more

Fast Acting Diets- Heard That Before!

The Secret to Food and Life

Fast Acting Diets – Heard Them Before! I am sure you have. You might even have tried one or two, or even more. I know I have, and none of them worked. We all dreamed of getting back our high school physique but alas, all those promises came to naught!!! They are just like the Nutrition … Read more

The Science Of Supplements – My Choice

I have been using supplements for years with little or no results, other than a deficit balance in my finances. That was until I did my due diligence on The Science Of Supplements – My Choice became more focused and I had superb results  So, in my earlier article on Advanced Nutritional Supplements – Fact or … Read more

Advanced Nutritional Supplements – Fact or Fantasy?

Supermarket Supplements

Nutritional supplements are not always what they are made out to be, but……………some are! Supplements can serve a purpose but the rule is the same as with superfoods, do the research.  There are 10s of thousands of “Advanced Supplements” on the market and the scary part is, who is controlling the manufacture of these supplements? Guess! … Read more