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Product: Herbalife Formula 1 Protein Shake

Price:  R460.02

Cheapest Place To Buy: Herbalife Independent Distributor

Type of Product: High-Quality Meal Replacement

Guarantee: Lose Or It’s Free 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Herbalife Formula 1 Nutrition Facts – A Weightloss Miracle?


Herbalife Formula 1 is a delicious healthy meal that provides an ideal balance of protein and nutrition to help satisfy your hunger and give you lasting energy. Each shake is packed with 21 vitamins and minerals, herbs and fibre and is an excellent source of antioxidants (Vitamin A as Beta Carotene; C and E). Clinical studies have shown that daily use of meal replacement shakes is proven effective for managing weight, along with moderate exercise.

The Benefits of using the Herbalife Formula 1 shake are:

• Underpinned by science: Clinical studies show that daily use of meal replacement shakes as part of a kilojoule-restricted diet is proven effective for managing weight, along with moderate exercise.
• An F1 shake is a convenient alternative to a high-kilojoule breakfast, lunch or dinner
• Kilojoule-controlled when made according to directions: 920 kJ per serving.
• Contains a source of protein: 18 g per serving
• Source of some of your daily essential vitamins and minerals
• Developed by experts in nutrition
• Quick to whip up
• Personalise your shake with your favourite fruits
• Available in 6 delicious flavours as well as the F1 Free From – Lactose, soya, gluten-free when made according to directions

A clinical study confirmed that a high protein diet combining Herbalife F1 shakes and F3 Personalised Protein Powder was more effective at managing weight than limiting kilojoules alone as part of a conventional food diet.

When used for weight control: replace two meals per day with this delicious shake and eat one nutritionally balanced meal of your choice.
For healthy nutrition: Replace one meal per day with Formula 1 shake and eat two nutritionally balanced meals.

This product is intended for use as part of an energy-restricted diet and with other foodstuffs, in conjunction with regular physical activity.

Herbalife Formula 1 Flavors


The Herbalife Formula 1 Flavours are incredible. The shake comes in 9 Delicious Flavours:

Vanilla; This shake is delicious with milk. I found it to be even better when mixed with 1/4 of a banana or a spoonful of peanut butter.

Chocolate. This was definitely my favourite. It was awesome with 1 spoon of vanilla protein drink, a spoon of Peanut butter and With water Ino Milk).

Strawberry This was definitely the family favourite. We added Strawberries, Raspberries or Blueberries. Banana also works well.

Tropical Fruit This flavour is great with Juice instead of Milk

Cookies and Cream A very nice shake with little crunchie “cookies” in it. a delightful experience.

Free from Gluten, Soy, and Lactose This product I did not try personally. It is reported to be a very nice shake by some of its users.

Toffee Apple and Cinnamon Decadence! What more is there to say?

Chocolate Mint is A hit with the kids.

Raspberry Blueberry What to add to it to improve perfection

These flavors are awesome. If you like milkshakes, then these are real winners. Pour the ingredients into a blender, add 1 spoon of vanilla protein drink and 6 ice blocks (more or less to adjust consistency) and blend. A perfectly healthy shake to compete with any milkshake. I cut 1 spoon of the F1 and added 1 spoon of the vanilla protein drink and leave out the milk. It tastes great.

Herbalife Formula 1 Ingredients


Herbalife Formula 1 Ingredients are a very long list. To deal with them all would be an extremely lengthy and boring process to read. I must say, in just comparing the list of ingredients to other meal replacement shakes, I realised how much more the Herbalife shake had in it. But to give you an idea of how important Herbalife take the quality of the ingredients, I attach a 7-minute video for you to watch below.

Get your incredible Herbalife shake now.

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