About Us

My name is  Bryan and Mariana and I have been married for over 30 years. We have been in the nutrition field for 20 years. It started when I was diagnosed as a diabetic in 1997. Having been a dog handler in the Police, I was always fit, running 10km a day with my patrol dog. 

On becoming Office bound, I found that I was tied to a desk all day and did very little exercise, and my weight “Blossomed”. That was the start of many diet plans and “miracle foods”. The More I tried the less success I had. Sound familiar?

Going onto insulin was an even greater problem. Although It controlled my sugar levels, it did nothing for my weight. I tried, even more, diets and supplements. Yes, I exercised, but that only helps about 18% towards weight loss. It is what you eat that counts. When I mastered this, that was when it all started coming together.

I have lost over 38 kgs and am still losing. My insulin usage dropped from 340 units a day to 52 units a day. My wife even went and studied nutrition to ensure that we understood what good nutrition was.   It was at this point that we decided that 38 kgs weren’t too shabby. A lot of people (many of them diabetics) asked for help and that was when Nutrition Mission was born. If We could control my weight, we could help others control theirs.  That became our Mission Statement.

“Our Mission is Your Nutrition”

Having “been there and done that”, we are in a position to help you with your weight challenges, sports performance and generally help you achieve a healthy lifestyle. You can then put it to use and help your entire family. Change 1 meal, change your weight, change your health, change your Life. We can help you do that. Sound too good to be true….. Join our community and get our weekly magazine and get health tips, Nutrition advice, help with your dietary challenges and how to improve your fitness without spending hours a week in a gym.