Best Online Weight Loss Challenges

The million-dollar question is how will the best weight loss challenges help you. To answer this question, we need to determine what exactly are the best weight loss challenges. This too can be a very subjective matter as it is determined by your circumstances, your preferences, and your requirements.

Weight Loss challenges take on many forms, TV programs like – the biggest loser weight loss challenge, Your local church or social clubs fun weight loss challenge or an online weight loss challenge. All of these take on similar formats with the common goal, to help contestants lose weight. They each have their own pros and cons, dependent on the participant.

The Different Weight Loss Challenges

TV program weight loss challenges

Entering TV program weight loss challenges provides a high profile and very picture Biggest loserpublic method of losing weight but, it is not an option afforded to many people.

Although you may be keen to participate, there are very limited opportunities and will probably have to use another method. It is usually the people with the most weight to lose and who have the right TV presence who make it onto the show.

Weight Loss Challenges


Fun weight loss challenges, on the other hand, can provide excellent opportunities to shed your excess weight. Most often they have great weight loss challenge ideas. They provide supervised methods with group interaction. This provides you with the opportunity to talk to (often new-found) friends about shared challenges. This gives you great moral support as you see that other people have the same or similar challenges with their weight and they are often the ones that provide you with solutions.


The drawback is that they are strictly local affairs and you have to be able to travel to the venue to attend. Another issue could be that the times are not always most convenient for you, especially if you work and you have to rush home, pick up kids and prepare food for the family. These challenges usually also have an attendance fee, although it is usually a nominal fee to cover the venue and prizes.

Online Weight Los Challenge

The last Challenge that I am going to cover is the Online weight loss challenge. These can be very effective. These are in effect your own weight loss challenge that you attend as and when you please. You set up the schedule and you can fit it in amongst your other daily chores. A very easy-to-attend method of weight loss.


The cons here, and they are something to be considered, are that you do not have group support. This support often provides the motivation you need, but the Coaches are really good at motivating you.


On the flip side, a lot of people prefer the privacy of private weigh-ins and measuring. You also do not have the motivation and feeling of shared challenges and solutions with your weight loss. Just something that you should consider. These challenges to have a fee for registering.

Weight Loss That Actually Works

To my mind, the best weight loss solution is the local fun weight loss challenges. They also offer weight loss that actually works. We have been running challenges for over 5 years and run weight loss challenges in the Ekurhuleni area in Gauteng. From experience, I must say that I believe this to be the most successful and productive way to lose weight.

Where losers are winners

Hosts And Coaches

There is usually a team of wellness coaches that coordinate the event and the event is usually run over 8, 10 or 12 weeks. The first week’s meeting is generally collecting your charts, weighing and measuring with an explanation of what to expect over the next few weeks. Every week you will weigh and measure and there will be time for talking and seeking advice on challenges with your weight loss.

The hosts of the weight loss challenge will often have a themed, 5-minute talk to help participants understand the different facets of nutrition and supplements. These talks range from Protein, Water, reading labels, fats etc.

Some hosts are trained in nutrition and most often they are distributors of a nutritional supplement and have been trained by the company on how to help people lose weight and what is the best product to use if the participant chooses to use supplements.

The emphasis is on weight loss and there is no requirement to purchase any products.

Repeat The Challenge

It often happens that, people that have a lot of weight to lose, sign up for the next weight loss challenge. They do this back-to-back until they have reached their goal weight because they find that the group support keeps them focused and on track.

Online Weight Loss Challenge

The Online Weight Loss Challenge is an online version of the weight loss challenge with a few differences. It is a convenient method of getting support for your weight loss program, allowing you to fit it in whenever you can while not having to attend meetings at a specific time.

You get the same documentation for monitoring your weight and measurements, your record for your snacking, and your meal plans. The meal plan is not a diet but rather a list of food groups you should concentrate on.

Honesty Is The Best Policy

The secret though is, to be honest with yourself and your online coach. Do not fiddle Cat Playing Fiddlewith the charts as you will only be lying to yourself. Your coach cannot see you or the scale, so cannot tell you if and where you are going wrong.

Build up a relationship with your online coach. Ask your coach for help when you see you are not on track. READ the downloadable PDF lessons and FOLLOW them. More importantly, put them into practice. They are written by experts in their fields of nutrition and are made available to you to help you succeed.

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Free Online Weight Loss Help

Nutrition Mission was started as a result of my own nutritional challenges. Our aim is to help lead people to a rich and healthy lifestyle through healthy nutrition. If you have nutritional and weight challenges, contact us here. We will gladly help you. If you have found this article helpful, please share it and leave a comment below. If you have questions, please go here to leave them.

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  1. This is a wonderful article Brian. I have been trying to lose weight. And in the past I can remember trying to lose weight and using challenges in order to motivate me to keep moving forward. However I have not considered using this same method here lately. I will go ahead and think of a way to incorporate this into my current exercise regimen. Thank you so much for this information. It is truly inspirational.

    • Hi Michell, The weight Loss Challenge is an awesome way to lose weight, meet new friends and and improve your lifestyle. I certainly hope you come right with a challenge in your area. Failing this, find an online challenge. It will also help you achieve your goals. Let me know if I can help you in any way. Regards Bryanb

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    Thanks for posting a very informative article on this important issue, that has a lot of people trawling the internet, in order to find a programme that will best suit their needs.
    There are so many ways to tackle this concern and find one that really works for people.
    I like the way that you have outlined steps to address this and you have many suggestions on your post.
    My take is, that it’s first and foremost a commitment from the person themselves and if they give that, they will be successful .
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