Forbidden Fruit Not A Taboo

Is Forbidden Fruit not a taboo? How often have you been told

  • you can’t eat Chocolate or Icecream, they will make you fat
  • eating sweets will rot your teeth or
  • margarine is bad for your cholesterol, and there is a long list of Forbidden Fruits.

And it is all probably true BUT;

Everything In Moderation

They give warfarin, used to make rat poison, to patients to thin their blood. The point I am trying to make is that even poison, in moderation, has its uses and is permissible under medical supervision.

Being a Diabetic, I am well aware of the Forbidden fruit list, but as my Doctor told me right at the beginning, Don’t deny yourself.

Set aside 1 day a week as a forbidden fruit day. The day to “break” the rules in Moderation. Herein lies the secret. It means that we can have a small plate of Icecream or a small plate of fruit salad, but not Icecream and fruit salad.

Plan Your Snacks

This is a vital tip. If you want to break the chain of snacking on forbidden fruit……plan your snacks in advance. That’s right. I know everyone tells you to stop snacking, but snacking is not the problem. It’s what you snack on and how much of it that you snack on that does the damage.

Firstly, If you know you usually get hungry at about 10 am then,

  • snack at 9:30 – 9:45 am. Now you prevent yourself from getting hungry and reaching for the chips and Coke,
  • plan and prepare your snacks for the day the night before,
  • and ensure that you consider your snacking when preparing your shopping list (that does not mean buying potato chips and coke for the month).


Another contributing factor to your snacking is your Breakfast. “But I don’t eat breakfast” your reply laughingly and lie about your problem. No breakfast is a devastating start to your day and No!………. Coffee and doughnuts do not constitute breakfast. This type of breakfast is not substantial and you run out of energy, hence your snacking.

A nutritional breakfast is important, and if you need to snack, plan and prepare it in advance. For more on breakfast, see my next post on Nutritional Breakfasts tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “Forbidden Fruit Not A Taboo”

  1. I completely agree that moderation is key to any diet. Not everyone has the huge willpower to say no to all the forbidden fruits – I know I don’t lol! I used to be on a strict diet a few years ago. It really helped me to lose weight but I felt bad as I constantly had to decline invitation for parties etc because I don’t want to eat the foods being served there. Now, I become more relaxed in terms of the foods I take and feel happier as I can spend time with friends and family. But the key to maintaining my weight is moderation. Except for vegetables as I believe we should eat a huge amount of those =)

    • Hi Isaac, Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, there is not very effective protection out there. The best protection is to carry out your own due diligence on the products, as I did. contact me if you need help.
      Kind regards

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