How To Find Healthy Things For An On The Go Breakfast

By “How To Find Healthy Things For An On The Go Breakfast” I am talking about a 3-minute breakfast for those that don’t Breakfasthave time for breakfast in their hectic schedule. Those of us that live on coffee until lunch or who stop for a coffee and muffin at the Garage convenience store.

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and really don’t want to miss it. Some of us just cannot face a meal before 10 or 11 in the morning, for whatever reason.

Well, I am going to show you how you can make and have your breakfast in 3 minutes and not feel bloated or rushed. In fact, you will probably start considering it your morning FIX.

Healthy Breakfast Ideas: 34 Simple meals For Busy Mornings

If you do a Google search for a healthy breakfast, you will get pages of links like the heading above, and no, I am not going to list a few dozen recipes that are full of foods that you might not have heard of or that will cost you a fortune to buy. My aim here is to help you have a nutritional meal that is quick to prepare and will not leave you bloated or push your sugar over the moon.

My aim is to give you a food choice that is readily available, healthy, gives you energy for the next 3 to 4 hours and is not just a sugar rush. It will also not break the bank or take more than 3 minutes to prepare, and if you are in a rush, you could even have finished eating (or drinking) it in that time.

Sound Good? Great, let’s take a look at your choices.

Instant Sustained Energy Without The Sugar Rush

The bulk of the Breakfast cereals have a high sugar content that instantly boosts your energy but in an hour or so, you are back to square 1, hungry and with no energy. On the other side of the scale we have the solid, healthy breakfast that takes 20 minutes to prepare, takes another 20 minutes to sit down and eat and costs you a fair price, a price most of us cannot afford every day, even if we had the time.

So, what do we eat? Well here goes:-

1. Overnight Oats Overnight Oats

Oats are a healthy way to start your day and they can be transformed into a new dish by just changing the “enhancements” that you add. What is more, is that there is no cooking and you prepare it the night before.

You need:

50g Oats

20g yoghurt or Milk Kefir

Fruit of your choice ( 2 kiwi fruit, Sliced peach)

No Chocolate 🙂


  • Place oats in a bowl and add 150ml water, cover and place in the fridge overnight.
  • Next day, remove half the oats, add yoghurt of milk Kefir
  • add the layer of chosen fruit
  • replace the removed oats
  • Add a layer of Pulped fruit (if you choose to)
  • Sprinkle some seeds or nuts on top.


Can be a very healthy choice

Fairly quick to prepare

You can make a new flavour every day

Can be placed in a travel mug to drink en route


Can become a sugar rush if you don’t watch what you add

Cannot be placed in a travel mug to drink on the road.

Nutritional Shakes

There are a lot of opinions about shakes out there and one must take the emotion out of the discussion. Yes, there are a lotNutritional Shake of shakes that promise the world and deliver the sewerage farm! This is true of some but not all. There are some extremely good shakes out there and it just takes a bit of effort to find them. I have personally met someone whose husband lived on a specific shake for 6 weeks while he had treatment for cancer.

How do you find them? Firstly, you do not believe all the hype written by those trying to sell it. Research it for yourself. Look for clinical trials. If there are no trials, then it is probably not worth considering. Most legitimate products will have had at least some of their products tested.

Another consideration is how long have they been around and where are they available. If you are unsure, find out what shakes I use here. I have had some real success and my meals cost me around R22-00 (ZAR) each. A little more if I add extras to my shakes, which I very rarely do.

Pros and Cons Of Nutritional Shakes

When I talk about the Pros and Cons here, I am talking from experience and not from what I have read on the internet or what I have heard from others. It is my personal experience and is based upon the hakes that I use.


  • Very affordable. Considering a cup of coffee costs R18-00 at the local Convenience store at the garage, and a muffin R15-00 R22-00 is very cheap.
  • It only takes about 3 minutes to prepare
  • You can drink it on the road
  • Gives you energy for the next 3-4 hours
  • High in protein for long-term energy
  • Low in carbs – just enough to give you instant energy
  • No need to make with Milk
  • extremely nice flavours.


High Fiber Food

  • You need to take additional fibre. When drinking any shake, you do not eat the roughage (fibre) that is in the natural food. Your body needs this roughage to keep the bowels working properly. You can take fibre and herb tablets that are convenient and affordable or simply add bran fibre to your meals. It is tasteless and good for the entire family.
  • The Best is often not available at supermarkets.- can only be purchased from agents. I signed up as an agent so that I can get the 25% discount. The extra cash generated is also very welcome.

How To Make An Incredible Shake

Making an awesome shale is Quick and very easy and I am going to give your the basics here. These recipes below are just different variations on flavour but the method is the same.

I have 3 grandkids that all love the shakes and they consider their milkshake, even though they have no ice cream or sweets in them. They are thick, and creamy and taste awesome. Just ask my Grand Kids!


  • 2 x spoons Shake ( I mix the shake and Herbalife Protein Drink in equal portions for extra protein)
  • 100ml Yogurt or Milk Kefir ( I use milk Kefir for the additional probiotics it gives me)
  • Ice (I use about half a tray per 300ml shake)
  • Water


  • Place Yogurt or milk Kefir in the blenderBlender
  • add the Shake powder
  • Add any fruit/nuts/seeds you might want in your shake ( if I use Fiber and herb tablets, I usually place them in with all the extras)
  • add Ice
  • add water to make up the 300ml
  • blend (don’t forget to place the lid on the blender)
  • Drink

That is it. less than 3 minutes, including the time to retrieve the ingredients from the fridge and cupboard.

Now comes the time to spice up the shake. Make a different flavour every day or drink your favourite. You don’t need all the different flavours. you can use just the vanilla and add “Stuff”. The shakes I use come in a variety of flavours ( 8 to be exact) with new flavours being added every year.

Vanilla & Banana Protein Shake

  • 2 scoops vanilla (I use vanilla and protein drink)
  • Banana (to your taste. I use a quarter of a banana otherwise it overwhelms the vanilla)
  • I am Diabetic and I enjoy cinnamon so I add cinnamon to my shake. Cinnamon is also believed to be good for diabetes. Leave out the Banana for a fabulous Vanilla and Cinnamon shake.

Add all these to the above method and enjoy.

Very Berry Shake

Enjoy berries? well then, you will enjoy this.

  • 2 Scoops Shake ( use Raspberry or wildberry flavour)
  • Strawberries/ Gooseberries/blueberries /Goji Berries

Add all these to the above method and enjoy.

Coconut Shake

Love a “nutty shake”Chocnut

  • 2 Scoops Chocolate Shake
  • chopped nuts of your choice (add in the last5 seconds of blending)

Add all these to the above method and enjoy.

Shake Flavors That I Use

I very seldom add anything to my shakes, but when the urge takes me I certainly do. It is just that I have 9 different shakes that choose from so I don’t need to add anything to have a change. The flavours that I use are:

  1. Vanilla
  2. Chocolate
  3. Strawberry
  4. Tropical fruit
  5. Cookies and Cream
  6. Cappuccino
  7. Raspberry and Blueberry
  8. Toffee Apple and Cinnamon
  9. Mint Chocolate

I occasionally add oats to my chocolate with a sprinkling of nuts. It also makes a delicious shake. Don’t be afraid to Oatsexperiment with your shakes and find what suits you. Just watch adding too much sugary treats to your shake. Most days I have shaken for breakfast and lunch and have an early supper.

Don’t Forget To Snack

Snacking is important to keep your metabolism going. Try to have fruit or nuts at about 10 am and again at about 3 pm. It keeps energy levels elevated with natural carbs and protein. Avoid Sodas and snacks like snack bars, chips(crisps) and the like. They are going to give you a short-term sugar rush.

Questions and Answers

If you have any questions about this article, Please ask them here Ask Questions Here

If you have any suggestions or comments on this topic, please leave them in the comments section now. Your input is truly valued.

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4 thoughts on “How To Find Healthy Things For An On The Go Breakfast”

  1. People who work around the clock and have very tight schedules have very little time in thinking about what to take for breakfast and its general knowledge that breakfast is the most important meal of the day so you’ll be doing yourself a whole world of good by not skipping it. Nutritional shakes is definitely one of the healthy fast food you can get.

    • I really cringe when I hear Nutritional Suppliments bundled into the same category as Fast Foods but I get your point.  

      A scientifically formulated shake can really provide you with the nutrition and energy you need when you don’t have time to eat a proper meal. Quality shakes provide your body with the nutrients it needs to look after itself and to help prevent disease, always remembering that shakes are not medicine.

  2. Sometimes I eat just in the mornings and before put something else into my stomach would be in the evening. This can be due to a hectic schedule. I am able to survive this type of hectic schedule because I eat the most important meal of the day which is breakfast but sometimes preparing a nice meal for breakfast is just too much because of time.

    My go to fast meal is normally cereal and milk and sometimes I take fried egg and bread including tea. It is not much but it sure gets me through the day.

    I might have to change my breakfast meals and the options listed here sure look amazing. Would have to give them a try.

    • Time is a problem to a lot of people who also resort to sugarycerials to get the “boost”. This usually does not last long and snacks are then sort. A good snacking plan would be helpful but it needs to be healthy snacks.

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