Review: 2021 Weight Loss Challenge – Just another Marketing Ploy?

Company Name: Herbalife Independent Distributor

Years In Business: 37

Product Effectiveness: 9 out of 10

Support: 9.5 out of 10

Price: Registration R280.00 & R120.00 monthly thereafter

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My overall Ranking: 9.25 out of 10


This review is about the Online Weight Loss Challenge, as opposed to the local Weight Loss Challenges. I will review the methodology, support, and documentation. I will also discuss the relevance of the online weight loss challenge and compare it to the physical weight loss challenge.

It is claimed that you can have success without using any special products. OtherHerbalife Logo products are offered where participants request additional healthy nutrition and snacking. Do you have to buy other products to succeed? No!

How do you know what hidden costs you will have if there are any? There are no other hidden costs. There are other products available should you request them.

The Product – On-Line Weight Loss Challenge

The On-Line Weight Loss Challenge is derived from the highly successful Herbalife Weight Loss Challenges that are held all over the Globe. These challenges have helped tens of thousands of people lose weight and keep it off. The attendees meet once a week to Weight and measure their progress, Chat with other attendees and discuss many social topics. The Trained Wellness Coaches monitor everyone s weight loss, assist with challenges and give 5-minute educational talks on different nutritional issues and products e.g, Waster, protein, reading labels, how to plan snack to avoid carbs etc.

Many people would love to attend a weight loss challenge (WLC) but are not able to for various reasons, work issues, travel time, etc. as a result of this, Nutrition Mission has adapted the WLC format to provide an online version of the successful WLC to enable anyone to be able to benefit from the lessons and support received at the original WLC.

Herbalife presents the Weight Loss Challenge and their products are referred to but there is No requirement to purchase the same. When all is said and done, it is an effective alternative to the original WLC for those who cannot attend them in person.


The entire concept is based on the support and training that you get from the Wellness Coaches. The coaches assess every participant’s progress every week and where goals have not been met, the participant is approached and together, the coach and the participant work out where the problem lies and how to correct it.

Bering an on-line WLC, the coach is totally reliant on the participant’s honest completion of the documentation that is completed and uploaded weekly. One must bear in mind that the only person being deceived is the participant. The effectiveness of this program is only as good as the participant’s dedication. The WLC is a proven concept and there is no reason why it cannot benefit everyone that participates in the program.


Online WLC has a series of training that is provided weekly in the form of videos and PDF documents. They are quick to watch and read and easy to follow. The weight and measurement charts are completed weekly and help you (and the Wellness Coach) track your progress.

The Benefits of an Online Weight Loss Challenge.

The On-line WLC provides participants with a weight loss system that is not a diet but a way of life. With the assistance of the Wellness Coaches, the participants learn to monitor their weight and waist by being encouraged to weigh and measure weekly and forwarding those results to their coach. The participant then becomes aware of their weight and physique and tend to watch their food intake. This they do by monitoring what they eat, removing the emphasis from how much they eat, although the volume is still kept in mind.

The nutritional skills they learn from the weekly training they subconsciously carry over to their family and this, in turn, means that the entire family benefits from the WLC.

By learning to give their body what it needs to live and work effectively, the body can strengthen its immune system and repair a lot of the health issues that were caused by poor nutrition. Remember, the WHO reports that 70% of visits to the Doctor are a result of poor nutrition.


Exercise is important to keep healthy and one should get regular exercise. Weight Loss Challenges are designed with nutrition in mind and are not directed at personal fitness

Not So Beneficial

There are two real drawbacks to the Online WLC, and these are :

1. Their support of the other participants is lacking. With the normal group WLC, everyone discusses their issues with each other and they also draw support from Family supporteach other. They also get support and advice on how to handle the people that are continually breaking them down and making fun of them. Often, just being around like-minded people with similar challenges provides the support and strength needed to stand up to other people.

2. There is often a temptation to make others think that we are doing better than we really are because nobody can see us and will not know if the figures are manipulated. We all want to be successful and the only way to be successful is to participate honestly.

Product Support

There is an incredible amount of support from the Wellness Coaches. There are weekly training emails and password protected web pages with videos and PDF documents to guide the participants through the program. There is also email, WhatsApp and Skype access to the Wellness Coaches who are ready to answer any of your WLC related questions and help you with any issues you may have with reaching your goals. You weigh and measure weekly and email it to your coach so that they can assess your progress and help ensure that you reach your goals. You have the closest thing you can get to a personal coach on the net.

Who designed The Training?

The training for the weight loss challenges was developed by Doctors Nutritionist and Scientists for Herbalife. Herbalife has been in the Nutrition business since 1980 and is in over 90 countries around the globe. The Doctors and scientists are world-renowned and they even have a Nobel Laureate on their team.

Value for Money

Considering all the monitoring, mentoring and help you get, it is very difficult to say that the system does not work. For the system to fail, you really have to give up. This system is designed, not as a diet, but and a lifestyle change. In this way, you will lose weight and keep it off for as long as you keep eating healthy meals and giving your body what it needs. All in all, I believe that it is real value for money.

In Conclusion

All in all, I believe that this is a real contender for all those wishing to lose, maintain or gain weight. It would benefit even those who just want to know a little more about nutrition in general., just so that they can keep their loved ones away from the Doctors

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