How To Achieve Healthy Nutrition In This Modern World

Healthy Nutrition – The Roll Food Plays In Our Nutrition….Or Lack Thereof

If My tone is rather somber in this post, please forgive me but it is an important and somber message ABOUT OUR Healthy Nutrition .


Food plays a major roll in our Nutrition….or lack thereof. What we eat, how it is raised, fed and sprayed plays an important roll in our nutrition and health. On top of this, we have the long shelf life treatments like radiation, ripening in the warehouse, refrigeration or freezing the products that all affect the food.

All this to ensure longer shelf life and bigger profit

It is not ALL doom and gloom! It just seems that way to start with. There is good news. Read on…
Our food and nutrition are determined by what others put into the food that we eat. Did you know that thousands of “Food Chemists” are employed to develop the food you see on the supermarket shelves? That’s obvious you say. Well, yes it is, but that is not the point. The point is that they are not developing the food with your health and nutritional interests in mind. On the contrary, they are paid to develop foods that have a longer shelf life. That’s right, and most of those foods on the supermarket shelves are produced by the 4 or 5 Multi-National Food companies, with only their “bottom line” in mind, not your nutrition, and we are not talking about the fast food industry here.

Fast Food

So, let’s talk about the fast food industry for a moment. How convenient is it to stop for the Fried chicken and French fries or the pizza, or the burgers on the way home from work, Or even better, phone in and have it delivered. Not fuss, no dishes and no health advantage either. The fast food companies study us in detail. They know what we like and their menus are designed to get us to eat more of it. To make the food last longer before preparation, it is processed and or frozen. Preservatives, flavourants, and colorants are all added to ensure that it looks and tastes great. Then there are the salt, fat, and sugars that are added. Oh yes….don’t forget to supersize your order for a mere $.

Takeout And Obesity

Do we really wonder why obesity in children is a global problem? Wherever the western fastfood culture has established itself, the scourge of obesity has followed. Look at the picture from the Belfast telegraph from a few years ago. The Youngsters who went to KFC For Food ate two-thirds of their recommended maximum daily salt intake in one meal, 11 to 14-year-olds had half the recommended amount of sugar at McDonald’s and Burger King. Overweight and obesity is the current global trend, probably because the marketing of these “instant meals” glorifies them to the status of “Super Food”.

So…if it is not fast food then it’s good right?

No such luck. I am not saying that all food is bad. What I am saying (so are most of the modern wellness coaches out there) is that we must be aware of what we eat. What food we eat, how it is raised, fed and sprayed, plays an important roll in our nutrition and health. On top of this, we have the longer shelf life treatments like radiation, ripening in the warehouse, refrigeration or freezing the products, all of which affects the food. This is all done to ensure a longer shelf life? NEWS FLASH…None of the above lengthens our shelf life!

Mass Produced Foods

The meat from the feed lots (and here I include the Chicken farms and the Fish farms) contain hormones that increase the likelihood of ill health and disease for those that consume the end products. Animals are no longer farmed but almost manufactured. Animals that used to take 4 years to raise before being slaughtered for the market are now being raised on hormones in 2 years. Do you think that the hormones are stopped long enough before hand to have left the animal before it is slaughtered? No chance. It would lose condition and value. Better the public consumes the meat with the hormones than the producers have a weaker “bottom line”.

I really want to stop with all this doom and gloom right now but there is one food item that has a hugely negative effect on our nutrition. For this reason, I am going to extend the not so good news for one more paragraph. It is really that important.

The Mind Blowing Lie

Nutrition Enemy #1. This is actually mind blowing, how we have been fooled into believing whatever these Food Companies say. They take a plant (corn, beet or sugarcane) and strip it of all it’s natural health promoting fibers, vitamins, and minerals until they are left with only the ultra-fast digesting, addictive, nutritionally dead food….Sugar…<the killer food! It is pure crystalline carbohydrates (16 calories per level teaspoon) and they say it is good for you! Sugar turns to glucose in your blood stream. Instant energy. Great if you are a sports fanatic or you like running all day. Not that I have anything against running, but a lot of us cannot, for various reasons. So what happens when you don’t burn the energy? Your body says “great, I’ll store that for later” and so it begins.( see our Breakfast Page for more info)

“So what do we eat?” 

“So what do we eat?” you ask. Well, this is where the good news starts. There is a world of nutritional food out there. You just have to know what to look for. When you get it right…yes, I said when you get it right, you will enjoy a more active, healthier lifestyle than you ever thought was possible. There is also something to be said for the scientifically formulated supplements that are manufactured from natural ingredients. Beware, there are a lot of very unhealthy “quick fix” supplements made from very unhealthy chemicals and other ingredients.


To try to minimise the effects of all the toxins that we are taking in every day, it is very important to focus on foods that have antioxidant effects. There are a lot of foods out there that will help you. When buying groceries, Yes, that’s it, no more take out meals, look for organically grown foods and free range meat. This eliminates most of your hormones and toxins. Always try to buy fresh and not frozen foods. I say fresh very lightly as most of our fruits and vegetables (potatoes, onions, pumpkins etc) are weeks if not months old before they arrive at the store.

Colourful Meals

A fairly easy way to evaluate the value of food, in general, is by its colour. The more colourful the better. For example, If you eat bread, eat whole-wheat brown bread, if you eat rice or pasta, eat brown rice or brown pasta. The more colourful the vegetable or fruit, the better it is for you, generally. No Fizzy drinks. Remember, gas makes gas and other problems. Try and drink isotonic drinks, Lots of water, Rooibos tea (a South African tea that is a great antioxidant).green tea and no milk.

Cut The Milk Intake

Are we the only adult mammal that drinks milk from another lactating species? Not even a cow drinks milk. What is it with humans and their fascination, no, obsession with milk. It creates more problems than good and there are enough other foods to ensure the correct calcium intake. 80% of adults are lactose intolerant and most of them do not even know it.

On the Way For Healthy Nutrition

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