Snack-Planning For Peckish People, Why?

Snacking – Planning for Peckish People gives hints, tips and recipes for peckish people to help them avoid the weight increase and build fat burning muscle.

Feeling Peckish? So…how often do you get the urge for something “nice” but you don’t know what? As a result of this craving for something nice, you wander over to the fridge to see what there is, and you find nothing that you “feel like”. Mmmmm, whats in the grocery cupboard that is good? NOTHING? So what can you make, or should you go to the shop quickly, its only 3 minutes away?

Fail To Plan And You Plan To Fail

If this is your daily routine, then you have planned to fail! apple snack
Snacking is part of your daily intake and humans have done it since they walked the earth. We cannot stop it, wish it away or ignore it. It is a fact of life and any diet that tells you otherwise is misleading you.
Snacking is a necessary part of life and you need to plan for it if you want to keep your weight under control and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Not all snacking is healthy. Snacking due to any of the following is not healthy at all.

  • Boredom
  • nervousness
  • emotional circumstances

If you eat because of any of the above reasons, you have to determin what it is that is causing you to turn to your refuge, because that it what it is. You are seeking Healthy Mealrefuge in something that you enjoy. Heard the old saying “Fail to Plan and You Plan to Fail”? Absolutely true! This battle, as with Weight loss, Health issues, low energy and lots more, is won in the mind first. If you do not know enough about the food you eat, how can you plan meals for dinner, at least healthy balanced meals?

Really – Plan Your Snacking!

Again NO! I am not telling you to become a nutrition expert to plan nutritional recipes for dinner. I am simply stating that you have to be aware of  “What is in your food”, and you do this by reading and understanding Labels.

When you have an idea of how food is produced, packed and transported, you will be able to plan nutritious, healthy menus, meal ideas that will meet all your body’s nutritional needs.

If you know that you get peckish at around 10:30 or 15:30 then you need to plan to snack at 10:00 and 15:00. But planning when to snack is just the start. You need to plan your snacking when you make your grocery list. Plan to keep healthy snacks in your grocery cupnoard and then, when you make the lunches for the next day, you pack your snacks. These can be a few grams of raw penuts, an apple or orange etc. The important thing is that you plan to have healthy snacks a half an hour before you usually get hungry. in this way you will stop the reaching for a muffin and coffee or the crisps and coke.

Planning Is Imperrative

One of our biggest problems is that we buy groceries without planning  our mealsNut Snacks before hand. When it come to preparing meals, we then look at what is in the cupnoard and throw something together. This  is the perfect recipe…….for desaster. Once you understand a little of the food you buy at the stores, you will be able to plan delicious, healthy recipes for meals. The secret ingredient for Peckish People is Planning.

Remember, it is ok to “snack”, provided that you have planed and provided for the snacks. Keep a supply of healthy snacks on hand, in the grocery cupboard, in your handbag, at the office. If you plan and prepare your snacks the night before, When you know you get hungry at 10:30, your snack is on hand and you can snack at 10:00 – 10:15.

This works just as well for your meals too. If you plan and prepare breakfast and lunch the night before, when there is a problem in the morning, you do not skip breakfast, you simply eat it (because it is ready), pick up your snacks and lunch, and leave. No having to go without because you did not have time to prepare your snacks or breakfast due to Johnnie losing his school tie or hubby misplacing his car keys. It’s all planned and prepared.

The weight? she is Going!…and the energy? It is rising! Rise to the occasion, plan now for a slimmer, healthy future.

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