The Simple Truth About Modern Food Products

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Modern food products are major role players in our Nutrition….or lack thereof. The simple truth about modern food products are that we are what we eat, and how they are raised, fed and sprayed, are all significant influencers in our nutrition, health and wellness. The long shelf life treatments like radiation, ripening in the warehouse, refrigeration or freezing the … Read moreThe Simple Truth About Modern Food Products


How do you answer the question “What did you have for breakfast today”? It is a question that can have a significant impact on your life. This article will address the importance  of breakfast, show you how the traditional “Coffee Breakfast” with a muffin or rusks is a deadly mistake and give you ideas for … Read moreWHAT DID YOU HAVE FOR BREAKFAST TODAY?

Sugar – The Silent Killer Goes Scott Free


Nothing is scarier than the amount of Sugar kids eat on Halloween. In late October here in South Africa, we follow the United States in celebrating Halloween, A 2,500-year-old Irish tradition that has been hijacked in recent decades by major food companies who sell us the holiday in brightly coloured bags of sugary sweets. For … Read moreSugar – The Silent Killer Goes Scott Free

Snack-Planning For Peckish People, Why?

Snacking – Planning for Peckish People gives hints, tips and recipes for peckish people to help them avoid the weight increase and build fat burning muscle. Feeling Peckish? So…how often do you get the urge for something “nice” but you don’t know what? As a result of this craving for something nice, you wander over … Read moreSnack-Planning For Peckish People, Why?

Review: Weight Loss Challenge – Just another Marketing Ploy?

Weight Loss Challenge

Company Name: Herbalife Independent Distributor Years In Business: 37 Product Effectiveness: 9 out of 10 Support: 9.5 out of 10 Price: R480.00 Where to Join: Join Here My overall Ranking: 9.25 out of 10 Overview This review is about the Online Weight Loss Challenge, as opposed to the local Weight Loss Challenges. I will review the … Read moreReview: Weight Loss Challenge – Just another Marketing Ploy?

Why Carbohydrates Are Important For Athletes

Unfortunately, there are many recreational and competitive athletes who either are not aware of why carbohydrates are important for athletes and in their diet or that it’s a must for ultimate performance. Or some training buddy told them to restrict carbohydrates from their diet that he or she read on the internet. Carbohydrates are one … Read moreWhy Carbohydrates Are Important For Athletes

Importance Of Hydration In Sport

Hydration and sweat loss in exercise

 Is Hydration A Big concern for Athletes? Water is essential to help maintain blood, regulate body temperature and muscle functions. Good hydration is one of the most important nutrition priorities for athletes. You as Athletes must drink fluids to stay adequately hydrated before, during and after exercise. Even a loss of 1% body weight can … Read moreImportance Of Hydration In Sport