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Nutrition. Imagine yourself at your absolute best, nourished, healthier and raring to go. This is not a dream, it’s simply knowing what you eat. Good food = Good health, which is vital to wellness, but

“What is Wellness”?
Wellness is about waking up every morning and having enough time, energy and freedom to live the life you want”.-Author Unknown

World Health Organisation For good nutrition

Nutrition Mission is here to help you achieve your goals. Through our 20 years of personal experience in the weight loss and nutrition fields, we have achieved personal success. We employ our proven methods to ensure that you reach your nutritional goals. Note, we don’t mention weight loss or diets. We ensure good nutrition because your weight issues and poor performance have a 70% chance of being nutrition-related.  Yes, According to W.H.O. 70% of Doctors visits are related to a poor diet. Does that sound like we are eating healthy food? Yet we often wonder why we are stressed, are overweight, have high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes or why we cannot perform. Heard the old adage “you are what you eat”?

Nutrition can also affect testosterone levels, which in turn can play havoc with Men’s “after dark” performance. Professor David Heber, Chairman of the Nutrition Advisory Board says:

“On the whole, we have an increasingly poor diet and are more unhealthy than ever. This combined with other modern lifestyle factors such as stress and pollution could increase the risks of a variety of illnesses and obesity.

 How Did This Happen?

 – The increase of technology and packaged foods;

– Our dependence on motor transportation rather than walking;

– Our sedentary lifestyles; and

– Our busy schedules that leave us little time to prepare healthy meals or exercise is seen to have led to an increase in weight gain across populations.

It was recently announced that the South African Cities with the most obese populations were:

1  Pretoria,

2 Cape Town,

3 Durban

Not even the African continent can avoid it. Obesity……the life destroyer

So, 70% of Doctors visits are related to a poor diet, yet we often wonder why we are stressed, overweight, have high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes or why we cannot perform. Heard the old adage “you are what you eat”?

Poor Nutrition

Take back your health and your life now, and in the years to come. Address your families nutritional needs as a matter of importance
Tired of all the nutritional promises that never give you results? So, what if there was a way to:-
– Eat correctly, and
– lose weight permanently?  without chemicals, medicines, appetite suppressants and the rest. Just good nutrition, so READ ON!

The key to success is in nature and simplicity. If you simply eat what nature gives you, you will have a natural, healthy body, just as nature designed it. Find an obese animal in nature. There is no such thing. Tampering with what nature gives you will, in most cases, change your life, your health, and your looks. And not always for the better either!

Take your body back! Heck……get your life back. Sign up for our Ezine and get our worksheets on “Super Food”, read about the importance of protein and water. Get updates, our latest recipes, and nutritional news. Get it NOW!

Be Informed. Be healthy and cut Doctors visits by up to 70%.

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2 thoughts on “Nutrition Mission – Your Nutrition Is Our Mission”

  1. Hi Bryon

    Excellent article outlining the importance of nutrition; you had some real amazing facts I never considered.

    For the life of me I never knew that over 70% of all doctor visits were correlated with poor nutrition; what an eye-opener!

    Also, that image of the kids eating at Mcdonalds was incredibly disturbing, talk about child abuse!

    Over all a great read with some wonderful facts.

    Thanks again for a great read 🙂

    • Hi Mike, Obesity is almost part of life now with the food that we eat. Healthy food has now become so expensive, a lot of people cannot afford it.

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