Secrets To My Success With Supplements

What are the Secrets To My Success With Supplements? I am tempted to say “that’s easy” but it wasn’t. To read my history with supplements read our “About Us” page here. It has been many years of trial and error, trying out the different products and making the errors.

Product Claims

As with most people, we were attracted to the products by their bold claims of good health, weight loss, and happiness. Well 99% of them lied. None of their claims was true, and that was on me!  I read the label or adverts and believed them. I never did any due diligence on the products. Once I learned to do this, I had huge success.

Face Value

Adverts and labels are there to get you hooked on the product. They make inaccurate claims and suggestions that are not always realistic or true. As for the labels…..hmmmf!


So let’s talk Labels. In a lot of products, they are just that, TALK (writing really). Luckily, we have a labelling law that requires that what is written on the label must be in the product and what is in the product must be written on the label. Do they all Comply????

Below is a short video on labels. It is primarily aimed at Kids but it gives a good explanation.

What I Did To Succeed

After we discovered Herbalife in a Newspaper ad, I collected the product personally. Look…I was not going to be caught again. Herbalife offered a 30 Day money-back guarantee, no questions asked so I wanted to know where he stayed to collect on the guarantee.

I started on the Products and, dare I say it, it was easy! I often left home at 4 am and I would take my shake with to work,  in a shaker.  I would have my shake for breakfast and lunch and my meal with the family when I got home at night(if I was lucky enough to get home on time).

Long Term Success

I lost 18 kgs in 3 months and I was over the moon. I continue on and lost a total of 38 kgs. This is by drinking 2 tablets twice a day, drinking 2 shakes a day and eating 1 meal a day. I did, of course, stop all the Coke and sweets. I drank a lot more water and far less sugar.

Last week I decided that I had to get down to my goal weight and I started on two shakes a day again (I had been on the maintenance program of 1 shake a day for some years. I lost 3 .6kgs in the week. I  believe that this is too much too fast. I believe that you should lose a max of 6-9 kgs a month.

Comments and Questions

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