Nutritional Shake

Nutritional Shake is a delicious shake that provides protein and key nutrients for your body in seconds and strengthens your body’s immune system.




Nutritional Shake can be enjoyed every day as breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Provide a balanced meal as part of a healthy active lifestyle and weight management goals. Helps with gain lean muscle weight and energy. Gave your energy to cope with a busy lifestyle.

Micro-nutrients play a vital role in regulating processes in the body that can affect our health and performance. A healthy balanced diet will provide all the nutrients you need; however, sometimes we struggle to have such a diet on a daily basis and the nutritional shake can contribute to getting daily optimal nutrition.

Other flavors available

Most important is that the Banana Cream Flavoured is an improved formula. Tropical Fruit Flavoured Shake contains 22 vitamins and minerals while Banana Cream Flavoured contains 24 vitamins and minerals. In addition, Banana Cream Flavoured is made of ingredients that are vegan sourced, is gluten-free and is an artificial colourant and artificial sweetener free.

Formula 1 contains protein, fibre and vitamins & minerals and Formula 1 offers convenience in one delicious Shake.

• 17.7 g protein per serving

• Vegan ingredients, vegetarian and Gluten free

• Artificial colourant and artificial flavourings free

• Approximately 931 kJ per serving.

• 4 g of fibre per serving

• Contains fibre to help you to start your day well.

• With 24 vitamins and minerals

• Contains vitamin A

• Vitamin D

• Vitamin C and B6

• Contains vitamin E, plus selenium and zinc

• Each canister provides 21 servings

• Enjoy Formula 1 as breakfast, lunch or dinner

• Kick-start your day with F1 Banana Cream Flavoured as your balanced breakfast to boost your body needs. It can be prepared in seconds; providing protein and key macro and micronutrients.

• F1 Shake Mix Banana Cream Flavoured is made without GM ingredients1, vegan sourced ingredients and contains no preservatives and is artificial colourant and artificial flavourings free.

• This delicious drink is an ideal way to get a balanced meal throughout the day. It includes vitamin D and vitamin C.

Other Formula 1 Shake Flavors Available in South Africa

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