Is Herbalife Safe? You Decide

In the years of taking multiple different shakes, all with great promises and Labels, I spent a lot of money on what our auditors would term “Fruitless Expenditure.  Not that I did not get anything for my money, It is just that they did not deliver on the promises and the label claims.

I eventually learned that I have to do my due diligence on the products. This was the start of my new, healthier, enthused lifestyle. Below is a video that will give you a 1.5-minute overview of Herbalife’s commitment to scientific research.


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2 thoughts on “Is Herbalife Safe? You Decide”

  1. Its good to know that Herbalife is 100% committed to finding the best ingredients, in order to produce the best quality supplements for its customers.

    Often times, we buy health products that claim to have all kinds of benefits, but we don’t know if they are capable of keeping their promise. This video was very insightful and educational.

    Great post!

    • Hi Farhan, Thanks for the comment. It is scary how easy it is to get a product onto the market without any scientific research. I have used Herbalife for years because of the results and the science behind it. How many products can boast of having researchers with a Nobel prize?

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