3-Day Trial Pack #I086

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Nutritional Shake

Take the whole packet and mix with 250 ml skimmed milk or water or fruit juice.


Take one packet (3 servings) and Mixed the tea with cold water or hot water or fruit juice.


What Is the 3-Day Trial Pack?

The 3-Day Trial Pack is 3 days of low-calorie diet menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

“You are supposed to be eating specific foods, your are what you eat”

Mariana Botha

The 3-Day Trial Pack gives you the follows:

  • 6 x delicious Nutritional Meal Replacements Sachets
  • 2 x Instant Herbal Tea Original Packets (3 servings per sachet)
  • Information to read with a delicious recipe or two

Nutritional Meal Replacements:- Offers all the nutrients that your body need to function daily in one Healthy Meal

Herbal Tea:- Fat burning or energising tea

This is a perfect way to introduce you to Herbalife Nutrition.

It is a perfect introduction to losing weight with Herbalife.  In just 3 days you will discover how great you feel about our programme.

Can you Detox in 3 Days?

Yes, the third day is detox day.  Any diet of change in eating habits you will detox the third day.  Each person react differently, some will have a slight headache or loose tummy.  Normally a mild reaction.

How much weight can you lose?

The program is for three days, and if you follow it, you will lose in the three days.  Some more than others. Also, I offer personalized support with a healthy and active lifestyle thereafter.

Is there Other Program?

These Programs are perfect to start with on your weight loss journey:

  • Losing Weight Healthy
  • Nutrition Clubs
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Ultimate Exercising
  • 21 Days Weight Loss – Groups of 6 each
  • Weight Loss Marathon – Groups of 9 people each

These groups challenge is a free and fun way to lose weight.  By joining the challenge you will become part of a team and complete with motivation and get results.  I offer a great support structure via phone calls or whatsup or telegram or Zoom calls or other social media apps.

Each day we share our progress and get amazing support and information from the group to help you towards your personal goal.

I must say, all my clients have great success and long term results

Mariana Botha



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