How To Boost Your Metabolism Amazingly Quickly

In week 3’s weight loss challange we will show you the secrets of How To Boost Your Metabolism Amazingly Quickly, even if you are over 50yrs old. Now is the time to boost your metabolism.

With Christmas and New Year celebrations just around the corner (maybe a birthday or aniversary celebration or two) it is the right time to get your metabolism going. Burn all those calories instead of storing them as fat or missing out on all the “lekker” food.


Get your bodies engine all reved up to burn all that wonderful food that you are likely to indulge (or is it over-indulge) in this holiday season. Incorporat some metabolic revving tips into your daily regimen and avoid gaining weight these holidays.Revved up Metabolism

We eat to get fuel and building block for our body but what happens with the foods high in sugar and other foods that have had the building blocks removed and are left with just pure energy (Carbs)? We know we are going to eat them ’cause it’s Christmas, but must we get fat? No!  So, what to do to not get fat?

Breakfast Is Key

Yes, I know you have heard it all before, but it is really key to kick-starting your metabolism. A high protein, low card breakfast will get your metabolism kick-started and ready for the day.

Sure, many of us will say that there is no time to stand and cook breackfast as everyone is up and on the go, ot sleeping late, but there is also an answer to that and that is the three minute breakfast.

Most people think of supplements as weight loss food or body building food, and although it is true for a lot of them, there are supplements out there that are there to supliment you diet. No, not your weight loss diet but your daily nutritional diet. You have nodoubt heard of the poor quality of the modern foods that we eat, well some of the supplement are developed to help you with that.
Supplements can assist the body’s engine to burn fuel efficiently, helping your metabolism stay revved and functioning well, and yes, certain suppliments are the perfect and effective 3 minute breakfast.


No matter what suppliments you drink, if you eat all the christmas foods, you will gain weight. What you need to do with your suppliments, is to increase your activity. try:

  • Swimming,cycling
  • Walking,
  • cycling,
  • Playing games with the family,
  • Anything…just get off the couch and move!

What Is Metabolism

We hear a lot about metabolism and often blame our “slow metabolism” for our inability to keep our
weight under control. Often saying”its in our genes”. The truth is it is in our Jeanes! So, take the wallet out of your gjeanes and stop with the fast foods!

But what is metabolism, exactly? And is there anything we can do to change our metabolic rate? Metabolism is basically  the chemical processes that take place in your body in order to keep you alive – allowing you to breathe, pump blood, keep your brain going and extract energy from your food. It is basically the number of calories your body burns at rest each day to keep you alive.

It is most often refered to as the basal (or resting) metabolic rate. It accounts, by far, for the  most callories that you burn every day. The other calories are burned by you being active.

Think of your body as two components:

  1. The fatty comonent
  2. The fat free component(bone organs muscle etc.)

The bigger your fat free component, the more callories you burn. About 14 callories a day per .45kgs of fat free component. so if you weigh 68kgs and 22kgs is fat, then you will burn about 1431calories a day. If you lose the fat and increase the fat free component, you will increase the calories burned per day (increasing your metabolism).

The Dangers Of Eating Too Little

Besides eating too little, eating the wrong foods are a problem. You lose the fatfree component and increase the fat too littlecomponent, and as the fat free burns the Calories, you ge fatter quicker. Remember the YO-YO Diets?

So, cutting down on your food intake does not necessarily equate to losing weight. you have to cut down on the wrong foods and eat more of the right food.

Myths And Your Metabolism


Balony! People tent to slow down as they age, play less sport, work less in the garden, go out dancing less and so the list goes on. this tend to lead to your muscle mass reducing so you burn less calories. The problem is that we usually keep on eating as ythough we are active so the extra, unberned energy is stored as fat.

MYTH: It’s In Your Genes,  Cannot Change It

I believe that this has been proven wrong above. Increase your muscle (daily activity) and your metabolism will change. Keep the fat free component as big as your can an dump the fat!

Just look at those who nevr seem to get fst and they eat what they like. They tend to be the more active/sporty types. Often they are gardeners or people that keep on the go. Lifestyle definitely lays a roll in our metabolism.


I LOVE THIS ONE!Grapefruit

IT’S TRUE, But not because grapefruit has any special properties. It is just a watery, low calory food that takes up place and you tend to eat less of the other foods.

MYTH: My Metabolic Rate Will SLow Down if I Reduce My Calory Intake, So What’s The Point?

True. It is true that your metabolic rate can slow a bit when you cut calories. theseare relatively small decreases and by dieting and exercising, these decreases can be mitigated.

Boost Your Metabolism With Protien

It;s noy in your genes, it’s in the muscle. Muscles burn energy (fat) so if you want to improve your metabolism, improve your muscle mass. To do this you need protien and the easiest way ( and more cost effective way) is to drink a GOOD QUALITY supplement. but remember, not all suppliments are equal. check the lables for the contents. cheap is not albays best.

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