Gourmet Tomato Soup #0155


Gourmet Tomato Soup can be enjoyed at any time throughout the day. Mix 2½ tablespoons of powder (32 g) with 200 ml of hot water. When using the Herbalife spoon, use 2 large and 2 small level scoops.

Enjoy this product within a balanced and varied diet, as part of a healthy active lifestyle.

Gourmet Tomato Soup
672 g box, 21 servings

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Our new Gourmet Tomato Soup, with basil and oregano, features all the traditional flavours of fine Mediterranean cuisine, and as you’ve come to expect with Herbalife has the following additional benefits:

  • Eight times the protein of regular tomato soupSoup
  • Scientifically advanced: contains tomato lycopene and prebiotic inulin fibre
  • High in protein and fibre for sustained energy and to help you feel fuller for longer and provide satiety
  • Indulge in the popular Mediterranean flavours of basil and oregano
  • Only 104 kcals
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Gourmet Tomato Soup is sold in a 21 serving packet (672 g) and is designed to be enjoyed as a healthy calorie-controlled snack during the.

A perfect choice as a healthy snack

Gourmet Tomato Soup is a great savoury snacking alternative. Whether it is something warm and tasty between meals, day or as an appetiser before lunch or dinner.


as an appetiser or even for those late-night snack attacks as a convenient snack.


  •  438 kJ per serving, ideal to manage your kilojoule intake
  • Contain a source of protein 7 g
  • Contain a source of fibre, to help towards your daily fibre intake
  • With Mediterranean herbs for delicious flavour
  • Simply mix with water and enjoy, hot or cold snack

Get the taste!

 Try Gourmet Tomato Soup today!


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