Can You Create an Income from Supplements

Today we all face an epidemic that has caused the economy to crumble, leaving us insecure and with tons of questions. Fortunately, we are adaptable and well on our way to adapting to new ways of living.


The food industry and medicine suppliers will always be the last to suffer from a collapsed economy in any country.

The pressures of our modern life often make it difficult for us to follow a healthy diet and balance lifestyle while maintaining a healthy weight.

You will agree that we all must eat to survive,, however, the foods that are available do not meet our daily nutrient intake and are extremely expensive.  This leads to malnutrition and shortly you will possibly need medicine for various symptoms and deceases.

According to a WHO report, 70% of doctor visits were caused by nutrition related diseases.

Everything you do needs money and if you do not have any, what will you do?

There is a lot of businesses available but is it really for you?  Most of them have start-up and hidden costs that most of us can not afford.

Yes, some of us have dabbled in a financial scheme on the market, got burned and know we are trying to find a safe and affordable way to earn an income.

Many of the schemes tell you that they are a quick way to make money.  In your wildest dreams! Business take a lot of work to be successful

No matter what your skill set is, or how much time you have, you should be able to find something that you can do to make some extra money, instead of being roadblocked.

You will ask the question, what does this have to do with me or How is this going to help me?

If you allowed me to explain, I will tell you why I offer this opportunity to you and how I started.

As a former policewoman, I had no experience in sales or marketing.  No real people skills and no background in social media. I was short in my budget every month.  At that stage of my life, my health was in a bad state, not eating the correct nutrients and living on junk food.  My heart specialist told me to make a choice in life.  I went home and my husband, also a former policeman, saw an advert on social media to lose weight. He ordered the products and I told him that he is going to be the Guiney pig.  We both had to lose over 20 kg. I said no to the products, however, in one month he lost over 12kg while doing no exercises.  Wow, I was impressed, and He started feeling better and his energy levels improved. 

Mariana Botha

 Yes, I was sceptical to take the next step

My husband and I were broke and needed to pay bills, so we decided to sign up as a distributor to give this a go. This time we really felt that we belonged.  We never looked back.  It is an amazing road with so many support structures for you and also with the guidance of our sponsor, we are now really grew. 

Your growth in the business is determined by your dedication and hard work. After all, it’s your own business. Work from home in the company of your family, fulltime or part-time.

This is not an overnight get rich scheme, however what dawn us to this amazing opportunity was the following:

Is This Your Future?

  • When you become part of Herbalife you have the feeling that you are part of the family, feeling that you belong to something unique that creates extreme happiness
  • Working together, creates extra power, extra enthusiasm
  • Helps put purpose back in your life, it pulls you towards the future and helps you decide what you want to accomplish
  • Purpose is a strong motivator in life
  • What you want in life is important but why you want it is even more important in life
  • So, decide what you want it for and keep working on it
  • With the strength of the Herbalife family, training, incredible products, self-esteem, commitment and the skills that you are going to develop you are going to handle whatever comes your way.
  • An International Nutritional Company that sells our products exclusively through a network of members, in more than 97 countries around the world with the vision to change people’s lives
  • A Herbalife member can earn on their own sales and when they reach the qualified producer level can then earn sales within there organisation any were in 97 countries
  • Many of them give back to the community and donate to help support a worldwide Herbalife Family Foundation. 
  • Our dedicated corporate and leadership, systematic training and much more

If you become a Herbalife member you can choose what you want to accomplish.

If you want a higher purpose in your life then this will be for you.

If you want more information about the marketing plan or any other questions, please contact us.